Marsicano Award Nomination Form 2024

Read more about Michael Marsicano's inspiring legacy here.

Welcome to the online application for the Michael Marsicano Award for Philanthropic Leadership! We are delighted that you are considering submitting a nomination or applying for this prestigious award.

Please ensure that all questions are answered thoroughly and within the specified word limits. Incomplete applications or those that do not meet the eligibility criteria, including participation in the Leadership Gift School program, will not be considered for the award.

We look forward to reviewing your application and celebrating the outstanding achievements of philanthropic leaders like Michael Marsicano!


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Please describe the nominee's demonstrated excellence in fundraising, providing specific examples of their ability to mobilize resources and generate significant financial support for philanthropic initiatives. (Max. 500 words) *
Describe the nominee's commitment to community impact, highlighting how their philanthropic efforts have improved the quality of life and addressed critical social challenges within their community. (Max. 500 words) *
How does the nominee exemplify ethical leadership and collaboration in their philanthropic endeavors? Please provide specific examples of their integrity, transparency, and collaborative approach to working with diverse stakeholders. (Max. 500 words) *
Describe the nominee's visionary leadership, including innovative strategies and initiatives they have implemented to transform philanthropy and inspire others. (Max. 500 words) *
Are there any additional supporting materials (e.g., articles, publications, testimonials) that you would like to submit with this application? If yes, please provide details or links to access these materials.
Is there anything else you would like the selection committee to know about the nominee's qualifications for this award? (Max. 250 words)

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